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We here at the Grand•Kids Collective, well, to say "we love what we do" is rather an understatement.

So we really appreciate the fact that you've stopped by to see what we're up to.

Cool, without wasting any of your time, please scroll/click on down.

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The Grand•Kids Collective is a boutique creative agency that consists of a talented amalgamation of diverse individuals from a melting pot of marketing, design, film, web, photography, illustration and much more.

Offering a wide range of marketing services we operate as an efficient and flexible team, providing creative services with a shared vision and personalised service.

We’ve worked with internationally successful companies such as Coke Cola, Nando’s, Maybelline, General Electric, Oxfam and more, as well as as having close partnerships with local brand such as Butan Wear and Project Playground.

From idea to production to completion and continued partnership, the Grand•Kids Collective is an all round creative force ready and able to help elevate your brand beyond expectations.


We strive ourselves as being a boutique 'one-stop' creative agency, meaning we offer all our services in house, all-round from conceptualisation to execution.

Whether a project requires a simple logo design, or an extensive entire marketing campaign, we're able to take it all in our stride and offer a highly personalised service from start to finish. Our talented team handles anything from filming, to CGI post production, to photoshoots, to website design, illustration, and so much more.

Please have a look to see what we offer and don't hesitate to shout if we can assist you in taking your brand to the next level.



As a creative agency we’re always on the edge of our seats as soon as a brief comes through the door. As much as we want to jump in and get busy, we realise that we need to align objectives and target markets in order for the executions to be a success. We make sure we understand the landscape the product/service operates in and who it appeals to. The creative work needs to serve a purpose, a purpose that builds your brand and acts as solutions to your business needs.

Every concept must have an insight and every insight must have proof.



Our collective is able to offer a wide variety of professional video services, at affordable rates, with impressive turn-around times. We also have a vast range of video gear in-house, and we are experts with our equipment.

Whether you need us to shoot, edit, produce, or direct, we are fully capable and eager to take on any project in any part of the world. We specialise in documentary, commercials, event coverage, corporate, behind the scenes, music videos, and much more. We also offer motion graphic animation and audio engineering.


Perfectly shot footage only goes to waste if the right editor is not on the job. We make sure our editors, directors and strategists sit together in the post-production stages of every project that we work on. This is the only way to ensure the final product is seamless and effective in serving it’s objective while looking fabulous.

Our visual effects team is known for making the impossible, possible. When you need the desert to part and mountains to crumble, we have your back. If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle like logo builds and titles, we’d love to help out, it’s like a professional hobby.


There is nothing more invigorating to our designers than a well crafted logo. The way it fits into negative space, lights up on-screen and decorates corporate stationary. If you don’t have a logo like this, give us a shout.

If you do have a logo like this, we do all sorts of design, there is always something that needs to be spruced up a bit.

We strive and constantly succeed in creating designs that communicate on a variety of platforms. It is important to us that your designs are functional, communicates the required message and looks good in every shape and form it needs to present itself in.

Graphic Design image
Web Development image


With more people spending time in cyber space, chances are that your website will be the first point of contact. Make sure it leaves an impression that will not only service your clientele, but impress them.

We do basic websites, online stores and if you’re hoping to spice up the web, we’ve got virtual tours and splash pages to offer.

Our web-designers are constantly improving their skills in order to keep up with evolving technology. We pride ourselves on the fact that our code-gurus are always kept in check by our UI designers to make sure usability is a priority and design principles are abided by. There are too many well coded and badly designed websites out there. Let's not add to the clutter.

Web Development image


Nobody can ignore the original form of advanced imagery. We make sure the shutter snaps at the right time and in the right place.

We’ve got snaps from across the world, behind the scenes, fashion, product shots and events. Some of these shots made it to TV while others made their home inside magazines.

We are aware of the latest trend that every person that owns a camera regards themselves as a photographer and we have made a point not to be a part of these special people. Our photographers understand their equipment better than their significant others and they make sure their subject matter, foreground, background and composition is always on their minds, even if the camera is locked away.

Photo Grid image


Reuben the resurrector


Agency - The Grand•Kids Collective

Client - Internal

Having wrapped up a month long job in Mexico and seeing as we had a bunch of gear with us, we decided to stay an extra week in Mexico City in hopes of shooting a ‘passion project’ – after all, we made we had made it all the way from Cape Town so we figured ‘why not.’

We just needed a story.

After waiting for 4 hours on the first day for what originally seemed like a worthwhile lead (but who ended up not showing) we headed off to get a coffee from our favourite local coffee spot.

On the way there, we came across Reuben, busy doing his thing.

And just like that, the rest manifested itself into this short little film.


Film | Website

Agency - The Grand•Kids Collective

Client - Asics Tiger SA

> <
  • Website example of the Pair yourself campaign

Asics Tiger SA has collaborated with two young, talented, and upcoming South African fashion designers; Selfi and Lukhanyo Mdingi, to launch their ‘Pair Yourself’ campaign.

We were brought in on the project to produce a short ‘fashion film’ to showcase the collaboration.

The fashion film was recently screened at the Guggenheim Museum of Art In Bilbao, Spain as part of the ‘Films and Fashion’ exhibition.

Visit the microsite to find out more information – a super user friendly, interactive, one-stop-shop that wraps up the campaign from all sides; created by our creative team here at GKC. Click on the button to view the site.

Nike Winner Stays


Agency - JK58

Client - Nike (Saudi Arabia)

Nike ran a campaign in Saudi Arabia involving street football and various local crews called 'Winner Stays'.

We were brought in on the project and asked to direct, film, and edit a short film to wrap up the campaign.

After spending almost a week in good ol' dusty Riyadh, this was the end result.

2 Cups


Agency - Grand•Kids Collective Client - Reason

Reason is one of the biggest hip hop acts in SA right now. Having performed with talents such as Zaki Ibrahim, Masta Ace and Qwazzar from Typical Cats he his making quite an impact and name for himself in the music industry.

It was nothing less than a privilege to be shooting his latest single “2 Cup Shakur”. Always great working on more conceptual pieces, getting to play with light, smoke, and having fun in the editing room.

This is the result. Music to your eyes.


Film | Photography

Agency - The Grand•Kids Collective

Client - Internal

> <
  • Photography photos that was taken in India

“Very seldom do you come across a space, a time like this, between act and act, where you may simply stop and be.”

The kaleidoscopic beauty of Afrika Burn 2015 captured through the eyes and lens of a photographer and a filmmaker.

Exile to nowhere


Agency - Miran Client - Oxfam

This compelling shortfilm is a project that we did for Miran Communications in 2014, which was part of the launch for Oxfam’s new ‘Even It Up’ campaign. We embarked on a journey following the Moken sea gypsies of The Andaman coastline, capturing their story of inequality and their current struggle for rights.

The video was written and directed by Dan McDougall, and shot and edited by Dewald Brand. 

A microsite containing imagery from other countries in South East Asia (Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal) shot by Dewald and a long format article by Dan can be viewed at ExiledToNowhere.com.

Rocking the Daisies


Agency - Seed Experiences

Client - Rocking the Daisies

Seed Experience has brought down some of the freshest International acts around from The Kooks, Milky Chance and The Cat Empire, mixed in with the dopest sound to come out of SA’s music scene, but wait, the cherry on the top, thousands for beautiful people coming together from all around the country to celebrate good vibes and amazing music and do not forget they also come just to have a good time.

Film Showreel


Amongst the vast many things we do here at The Grand•Kids Collective, filming and video production is one of our busiest departments.

So here’s a look at our latest showreel – a short 2 minute piece that showcases past projects we’ve worked on and what we have to offer.



Website | Photography

Agency - The Grand•Kids Collective

Client - Butan Wear

> <
  • Butan Wear's website
  • In Forgein transit website mockup

Butan Wear is one of South Africa’s most coveted underground clothing labels and we’ve frequently worked together with the brand on various shoots.

This time we created their new website, where we fused photo and video content while at the same time providing an e-commerce platform – keeping it ‘street’ while still ‘clean.

We also shot their Spring/Summer 2014 and Autumn 2013 1st and 2nd edition Lookbooks.

The Foot Story


Agency - The Grand•Kids Collective

Client - Internal

A tale of love and deceit from the perspective of feet.

Shot for fun in New York, randomly, during an afternoon/evening to test out some new gear...

Special shout out to Buster for being the most professional animal talent out there.

Do You Series


Agency - The Grand•Kids Collective

Client - Internal

The ‘Do You’ series is a video, photo, and online collection of stories of various entrepreneurs around South Africa. The stories of individuals that have decided to follow their own dreams and do things their own way by starting their own businesses.

John Newman


Agency - Seed Experiences Client - Seed Experiences

Four times Brit Award nominated soul-sensation John Newman came to South Africa in 2014. With chart topping songs and an electric stage presence the show was nothing short of amazing.

We were able to get capture a glimpse of his mind and found out more bought how he got to where is today by making a slightly more documentary style video of his tour.

VFX Showreel


We started doing a lot more CGI, animation, motion graphics and all round post production type work over the last year so we're proud to present to you our first ever 'VFX' showreel.

In Foreign Transit

Film | Web | Photo | Design

Agency - The Grand•Kids Collective

Client - In Foreign Transit

> <
  • Photography photos that was taken in India
  • In Forgein transit website mockup
  • In Forgein transit microsite example

In March and April 2016, the trio will once again be heading out on another journey, this time to the wondrous world of Vietnam.

“In Foreign Transit” is a 3 piece collective, aiming to tell a narrative that allows audiences to experience day-to-day culture through culinary and visual documentation of indigenous spaces. The project encompasses a variety of mediums; focusing on food, video, and photography, online media, real life media, various deliverables, and with the end product being an exhibition that showcases a photography gallery, a food extravaganza, and a short film.

The campaign involved renowned Chef Jade De Waal, highly acclaimed photographer Max Mogale, filmmaker and Managing Director at Grand Kids Collective, Dewald Brand.

The short film won the ‘Audience Choice Award’ at the Ster Kinekor Short Film Festival in 2015.

Dewald Brand


Agency - The Grand•Kids Collective Client - Dewald Brand
Website example of Dewald Brand

Dewald, the founder and managing director here at The Grand•Kids Collective, tends to do a fair share of directing, filming, editing and photography. Enough so that it warrants a personal website.

Nothing crazy, just clean and to the point - an elegant responsive portfolio website to showcase his various work.


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